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Why Crafting?

Crafting can help those who suffer from anxiety, depression or chronic pain. It may also ease stress, increase happiness and protect the brain from damage caused by aging. Research has been done specifically on crafting. Neuroscientists are beginning to see how studies on cognitive activities such as doing crossword puzzles might also apply to someone who does crafting projects. Others are drawing connections between the mental health benefits of meditation and the zen reached while in a creative flow.  Fun to Create brings all the supplies, you bring your friends,  and get ready to have a good time.  At the end of the event, you will have made some new friends and you get to take home your very own masterpiece! Call us today at 540-336-8346 or email info@funtocreate.net to schedule your party. 

About Us

The Founder


  Susan brings with her a rich repertoire that compliments Fun to Create in a unique way.  Her previous ownership of Shenandoah Florist has given her a creative edge which included event planning for both small and large parties.  Her 10 years of work as a nationally certified Activities Director in the Long-Term Care industry has given her a deep compassion for the welfare of others.  And her present responsibilities as Marketing Director has allowed her the opportunity to reach out to others in the community.  Her enthusiastic spirit is magnetic, and her heart and devotion to her craft are obvious to all who meet her.  

The Program


 Bringing community together to experience a  Fun to Create event is not only enjoyable, but encourages everyone to tap into their ability to make something they can call their own.   Every teachable moment increases confidence as well as a personal satisfaction of a job well done. Multiple designs will be posted for your selection at FuntoCreate.net. However, if there is a specific theme/color you would like for your party, we'd be happy to design something special for you!  Fun to Create is available to work with any size group, whether it be a small gathering of friends or a corporate event , your location or our provided space. 

Your Event


Fun to Create is available for private parties, Corporate events, fund raising and monthly learning for Homeschoolers  We travel to retirement communities in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia and the South Bay area California! We look forward to creating with you all soon!

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Fun to Create

Many Projects to choose

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Fund Raiser Possibilities


Fun to Create can bring hands on crafts to your group and together we can create items to sell for fund raising!

Fun to Create


 Have a class and we will bring all the supplies and instructions.

Keep your mind engaged


You can schedule Fun to Create to come to you, or we can provide the event space. 

Call us at 540-336-8346

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Creating is benifical throughout all stages of life! Crafting reduces stress, encourages creative thinking, boosts self esteem and provides a feeling of accomplishment

Invite Fun to Create to your next Social


Fun to Create can make your social event more memorable by helping your guests create something they will take home with them!  

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